Visions of Elsewhere

"Elsewhere the sky is the roof of the world; but here the earth was the floor of the sky." ~Willa Cather Networked Narratives Intercept 9 starts this way.

The following poem is another interception constructed from this video of Mia Zamora and Alan Levine chatting.

VISIONS OF ELSEWHERE Our sense of scale is corrected
putting self into perspective

when we view the sky or
the view out another persons window

we need this correction to see
our relative unimportance in the world

I feel the need of 'elsewhere' time
open space and air to breathe

it smells like desert rain
when you crumble the leaves

little things become precious
keep them in your heart

lupines are budding in your corner
my envy echoes through frogs croak

I anticipate the crunch of silence
like steps in the snow

sharing our enthusiasm of
daily views seen anew

opens the portal of knowing
allowing us to feel more

magical moments of seeing
are the horizon of our time.

Wendy Taleo CC BY SA

Taking the MOO out of MOOC

Maybe you thought I'd be talking about massive, open and online things.....but it's really just about a cow in a paddock eating grass.
This is the 'outing' and closing of The Jolt project. Way back when, like December 2016, I was chomping at the bit (oh that is a horse reference and he will come into this story as well) to get started on Network Narratives course. I think it was being promoted as a MOOC and due to the well connected stars at the centre of stage Mia Zamora and Alan Levine, there was a lot of interest. It was suggested that alternative personas might be required to participate in the Course. I went ahead and created The Jolt.  This was not a random selection. I was bought up on a dairy farm and have lots of memory, knowledge and history with cows. I figured I'd have enough material to work with. I also decided to stay in-persona when posting so this would be a separate identity. However I did mention this to Kevin Hodgson when he started posting @Ne…

Between the campus and the cloud

Golden Silk Orb-weaver spider Image: Wendy Taleo, 2017
Somewhere between the campus and the cloud my stories lie hidden until shared.  Clear and loud.
This is a continuation of my poem "Somewhere between" that you can read here. This week in Network Narratives we are thinking about the Storied Places. What stories lie within the campus and how can you understand the student experience from these stories? There are 2 physical campuses and 1 virtual 'cloud' campus that are relevant to my learning journeys at the moment. The first campus is where I work. The second physical place is in Milton Keynes, UK which is just up the road from London. That is where the Open University, UK, is based and I'm an online student there again this year. The third space/location/cloud is the Internet. Various Learning Management Systems, social media platforms, shared blogging, synchronous connections and discussions boards. These spaces also impact my stories.

Then I listened to this con…

Padlet Poetry and Boundaries

I started a collaborative activity in our NetNarr repose week(s). This came about from a Twitter DM conversation amongst a few of the open participants. I threw it out into the wild and the response has been fantastic, moving and multi-dimensional. The challenge for any learning activity is how much structure to put around it and how much structure is put upon us because of the tech/app used. This has continues to surface in the Network Narratives course/event/LOOM as people become aware of how much structure they are used to and comfortable with and looking for in learning.

While trying to sort out another activity (which is currently stalled) there was this quote:  " I will say that the more boundaries we give ourselves, the better it will be." Sandy Brown Jensen.

I don't like boundaries, I don't. I don't like fences, I don't. I watch with trepidation as a fence is built at work, where before it was open space, free for desire paths to be created. Now our…

On the bus tour

I wonder what you did on the bus tour today Did the kids fight up the back row Or tell naughty jokes?
I wonder what you did on the bus tour today Did the shy kids sit behind the driver Or crowd together on row 2?
I wonder what you did on the bus tour today Was there food flung from scungy lunchboxes Or cards played out of sight?
I wonder what you did on the bus tour today Did your big sister ignore you Or protect you from the word barbs?
I wonder what you did on the bus tour today Did you fall asleep half way home Or sing until your voice cracked?
I wonder what you did on the bus tour today Did the driver have to wake you up Or were you first off the bus?
I wonder what you did on the bus tour today.
Wendy Taleo CC BY (memories of catching the bus to school)

Our worlds

Sometimes our worlds collide, stretch, morph and change.
Original graphic fron #dda53  @dogtrax with Tiny Planet app.


Image: Wendy Taleo "Reflection on Stuart" 2017
Reflection of Lightfe I had this post mostly written, went for a coffee, network glitch, post lost.

You and I will never know what was written.

I was just about to give up Network Narratives, yes, that was the words in my head. Then along came the next Studio visit. A diverse audience chatting with Howard Rheingold and Mamie Rheingold.

Week 6 question:
Are you feeling in control of your Networked Narratives experience, lost in the chaos, or perhaps sometimes both?

To which I reply: Kind of.

Oh wait, there is a scale to follow:

Then I thought I might be dreaming. So I did the 'dream-check' the Howard Rheingold way as referred to here. If you jump and your feet land on the floor, you are most likely, not dreaming.

or the Giphy/meme version of that.

Having established all of that,  on reflection,  life still is and  if the sun comes up tomorrow,  there will be light.
Post Script: This from Kevin…